SaleSpider Media's Lead Hygiene

Lead Hygiene

Multilayered Lead Generation, Verification and Acquisition Processing System

SaleSpider Media’s Lead Hygiene Services quickly identify, validate, and improve your lead quality at point-of-entry. Our lead verification platform sifts out the invalid leads, and delivers to you only the most qualified results, all while minimizing your cost. We help marketers filter out leads with questionable data so you gain only the most accurate records maximizing ROI and building revenue. Below are the steps used for lead acquisition & verification
  1. SaleSpider Media has 24 branded websites and applications servicing different demographics and ranging from Business Executives, Healthcare practitioners and finally consumers.  Click Here to see a full list of our different brands
    1. Here are some examples of the different types of databases that we maintain
      1. Business Database - Complete contact information of business executives from small & medium sized businesses to large enterprises.
      2. Health care Database - Data includes a complete directory of all Health Content Providers and Health Resources in North America.
      3. Contractor Database - Contact information and complete demographics offers targeted reach from almost all geographic locations.
      4. ITDM Database - Contact information for IT decision makers & professionals. Filter by Industry, Company, Company Size, Title
      5. Auto Buyers & Sellers Database - Complete Contact information and demographics for auto buyers, sellers and car repair and servicing buyers
      6. Sports Enthusiasts Database - Contact information for sports fans and sports enthusiasts.
      7. Political Donors Database - Contact information for activists and financial donors
      8. Investment advisors & Wealth Managers Database - Premier financial tool connecting investment advisors, wealth managers, and high net worth investors looking to expand and grow.
      9. Insurance Seekers Database - Data for insurance seekers and insurance professionals
  2. SaleSpider Media’s Database and Directory Listings – How We Build It
    1. Most Sites have a registration page
      1. Users Register to one of our sites or apps
      2. A Verification e-mail sent to a new registered user where they confirm their e-mail. This is referred to as a Double Opt-In.
    2. People Join our site for a variety of reasons
      1. Advertising or Promoting their business or person to build a product or brand awareness.
      2. Gaining Information on a Subject that Matters to them – we provide articles, and information that is aligned with the objective of the specific brand
      3. Connecting with Like minded People. Many of our sites have a social network component.
      4. Free Tools, Apps or Utilities to help them pursue their interest or in their careers
  3. Appending to the Database
    1. Leverage database partnerships
      1. Increasing the database with Partners and Publications who Maintain their Own Opt-In or Registered Directories
      2. Append missing information from leading Credit Agency against company & user data not collected during registration.
    2. Public Sources - SaleSpider Media uses public sources to continually update & append company & contact information. Public sources include government databases & directories.
  4. Maintenance and Verification – Keep lead data accurate & up-to-date
    1. MX Lookup Verification to confirm user's e-mail domain can accept e-mail.
    2. Ping E-mail address to ensure a mailbox exists and can accept e-mails.
    3. Confirmation that IP address is in the location of the Business.
    4. Monthly Cross reference registration and business information against a global directory of the world’s largest credit agencies to verify information is correct.
  5. Privacy and Compliance
    1. Each government has privacy and compliance regulations that govern its territories and its citizens.  For example, CAN-SPAM covers US e-mailing, CASL covers Canadian E-mailing, GDPR covers all privacy including e-mails and website cookies and retargeting.

      This list is not comprehensive and is only an indication of Compliance and Privacy is a concern with different regulations across different jurisdictions.
    2. SaleSpider Media is focused on keeping up to date and adhering to the Compliance and Privacy issues across the different areas of our users and clients.
      1. We maintain processes for users to opt-in or opt-out of all our databases
      2. We diligently follow changes in government policy and update our Terms and Conditions, our footers, and processes both on site and in all our e-mail correspondence.
      3. Our objective is full transparency with a user-centric security model to help keep user data safe.
      4. When in doubt, we side on the being over diligent and protective with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) . We do not store PII and we do not sell it.
  6. Processing Acquisitions – Acquiring leads
    1. Creation of custom landing pages to drive lead conversions
      1. Form Fills, Downloads, Options
    2. Co-Registration is available on 24 owned and operated site targeting consumers, businesses, and the healthcare industry.
    3. E-mail Marketing - Reach the inboxes of over 50 million consumers and business decision makers. Email addresses are double verified for deliverability and accuracy.
    4. Telemarketing Services - The prospect is properly qualified on the phone based on pre determined criteria and all relevant details are collected and stored as a lead.
  7. Verifying a Lead Acquisition – Removal, verifying and fixing lead information.
    1. BOT Hygiene - Ensuring landing page filled out by a human and not an automated script, Proxy Server Check to make sure IP is not being masked
    2. IP and Location Match - ensure that the IP address of the lead matches the location or IP of the business
    3. MX Lookup Verification - confirm User's e-mail domain can accept e-mail, Ping E-mail address to ensure active
    4. HELO matches rDNS - Test connection to the E-mail Domain to make sure its correct
    5. IP rDNS, PTR, SPF, & DKIM Check  - confirm that e-mail address is authorized to send e-mail
    6. WHOIS Information - making sure the location and business name match the registration information of the domain
    7. Cross reference lead information against public sources to verify its correct
    8. Manual check of lead data to ensure it matches all the targeting criteria on the IO
    9. Tele-verification to ensure the contact information is correct and that the lead wanted to receive information from the client

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