SaleSpider Media offers the deepest and most targetable reach in marketing. Why?

Our placements and audiences are created from our wholly owned sites and traffic, with no middle men, meaning that we can offer highly granular targeting at the most aggressive prices. No middleman markups, no smoke and mirrors.....just measurable results.

ABM Dashboard



Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to business marketing based on account awareness in which an organization target specific companies within based on their B2B solutions.

SaleSpider Media’s Account Based Marketing Dashboard is utilized by clients to accurately segment and measure ABM campaigns by Company Target, Company Size, Geography, Industry, etc. The dashboard includes custom reporting and integration into Marketing Automation / CRM software.

The ABM Dashboard works with:

  •   •  Lead Generation and Cost Per Lead Programs
  •   •  Display / Online Video Campaigns
  •   •  Email Campaigns

For more information on the ABM Dashboard, click here.

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Display Banners - Mobile & Desktop

Display Banner


Owner of 12 high traffic sites reaching over 25 Million uniques each month. Very aggressive CPM or CPC pricing. Target by on-page content/keywords, past keywords searched, demographics, purchase intent, interests, B2B, and much more.

Plus, we scale with retargeting, audience extension and look-a-like modeling, which takes our 25 Million to 250 Million+

For a full list of our sites, click here.

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Email Marketing



We manage of over 110 Million+ email addresses. 30 Million B2B and 95 Million consumers. We maintain over 100 servers, manage opt-in/opt-outs, are completely CAN SPAM, and CASL compliant.

Email lists are created through first party registrations, which results in industry leading open and click rates.

For a full list of our sites, click here.

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Access 90% of the web’s Video inventory with deep targeting by: keywords, interests, demographics and much more.

As a Certified Google and Facebook Partner and Instagram API Developer, we get access to premium inventory with the ability to run third party ad tags. Plus, our targeting.

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We drive over 15,000 qualified & TCPA compliant leads each month for the largest advertisers in the world. Normally, when a campaign is turned on, it's never turned off.

Receive qualified leads on a Pay Per Lead basis - no risk to you. We receive 50+ requests each week for Pay Per Lead campaigns, so only the best offers are accepted.

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Search Retargeting



Reach over 250 million monthly in-market buyers by keywords searched and purchase intent. Used by thousands of brands and resold by Google, Turn, and hundreds of Agencies.

  • Custom audience segments.
  • Created specifically for each client by keywords searched or purchase intent.

Types of Customers: Banks, Investment Companies, Hedge Funds, Retailers, Consumer Packaged Goods Companies and Consumer Product Manufactures.

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Cookie Data for Programmatic Data

Cookie Data


First party cookie data based on 300 Million monthly searches and registrations

For pre-packaged data segments and our taxonomy, you can go to How To find us on Google DBM.

Want the best performance? Create a custom segment directly matched to ideal keywords and custom built profiles to target the perfect user. It’s the gold standard of data.

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When Programmatic is not appropriate

Healthcare - Why Programmatic Does Not Work

B2B Targeting - Why Programmatic Can't Work

Acquisition Focused Campaigns - Why Programmatic Does Not Work

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